Glider introduction flights

If flying was the language of men, soaring would be its poetry…

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Everybody who ever tasted soaring will agree with this sentence. Glider flying will allow you perfect enjoy of silent moving in the air. Maybe that is why so many people ever fly gliders, including the most experienced military and comercial pilots. Come to our airport to try it by yourself!

If you decide for flight, you will fly with experienced pilot in our L-13 glider (German production). This plane is well known for its easy control and for its high reliability. L-13 is two seat glider, one is for you and one is for pilot.

You can come to our airport alone or with accompaniment at least 30 minutes before your booked flight. Do not hesitate to ask someone from us anything what interests you. When you arrive at the airport it is best to ask someone of principals of safe movement on the airport. Later, you will meet your pilot and he will tell you all the important things about your flight and the plane you will fly.

If you will be interested of any other services, that we offer in our aeroclub, do not hesitate to ask. We can show you our other aircrafts and a lot of our other equipment. If it is in our power, we will be pleased!

Before the flight you need to consider your health and actual condition and decide your ability to fly. If you are not feeling well, we will help you to set a different date of your flight. If you have booked flight, please give us a call in the morning or the previous day to agree on weather conditions for flight. In case you want english speaking (or any other language speaking – we do not speak chinese 🙂 ) pilot, please tell us.

Winch launch

This flight includes – preflight briefing, winch take off, circle around the airport and landing. The flight is 4-5 minutes long, which seems short, but it is a great first try. In this type of flight you will be at 250-350m of height. After a steep takeoff you will fly circle around the Chrudim airport and landing back on runway. During the flight you will be able to see nearest surroundings (Podhůra, Slaťiňany, Chrudim, lookout tower Bára).

Price: 250,- Kč / flight

Aerotow to 600 m

After takeoff you will be approximately 4 minutes climbing behind the tow plane, after realeasing the tow rope. Then, you will feel approximetely 5-7 minutes free flight after which is followed by flight on a circuit and landing. Full length of flight depends on weather conditions and is from 10-15minutes. In case of a nice weather and existence of thermal lifts, you can use them to try to make your flight longer.

Price of flight to 600m: 1100,-Kč

Additional payment for flight longer than 15 minutes : + 10,-Kč / min


Aerotow to 1000 m

The flight is almost the same like the previous one. Tow-time is approximetely 8-10minutes and overall time of flight is 15-20 minutes (again, it depends on weather conditions). Higher altitude allowes some of the elements of basic aerobatics, which are not allowed to be done lower. Pilot may offer you to try: spin, stalls, steep turns. These maneuvers will offer you an unbeliaveble experience, but during it, you will lose some altitude and your flight might be shorter. Depends on weather, you can prolong your flight with use of thermal lifts.

Price of flight to 1000m: 1700,- Kč

Additional payment for flight longer than 15 minutes : + 10,-Kč / min

Pilot experience

If you are interested in aviation and you want to know more, do not hesistate to contact us. We offer unusual experience. Pilot experience includes short intrudoction to flying. Firstly you will receive some theoretical knowledge (aerodynamics, meteorology, basic of flight), pre-flight preparation, pre-flight check of the aircraft and flight with instructor. During the flight you will try to fly the plane with instructor. Instructor will explain you everything necessary. If you are interested, please contact us.

Adam Línek – linekada(at) – tel. +420 777 078 621

Pilot experience is also a facebook group, where you can place your questions and share your opinions.




Adam Línek
tel: 777 078 621; email: linekada(at)