29. 8. 2015 at Chrudim airport!



Free entry!

Parking only 50 Kč / day.

After three successful seasons of airshows at Chrudim Airport, here comes fourth. 29.8.2015 will be the day we are all waiting for. 

Sightseeing flights with powered airplanes and helicopters. Tickets for plane will be on sale for 450Kč/person for 15 minutes. If you will have purchased ticket for helicopter flight, you may win flight with AH-1 Cobra helicopter!



Confirmed participants:

AH-1 Cobra (Heliczech), Po-2 Polikarpov (Handlík), 43. výsadkový prapor Chrudim




[cml_media_alt id='3049']AH-1-Cobra-2[/cml_media_alt]